5 Best Backcountry Hunting Packs

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Are you looking for the best backcountry hunting packs? If you’re a hunter and want to find a quality pack for your gear, this post will help you.

Your backpack is one of the most crucial pieces of gear you have, it’s better to get something that’s been proven effective, durable, and won’t break after your first hunting trip.

1.Badlands 2200 Best Hunting Pack


This hunting bag comes with a carrying capacity of 2250 cubic inches. It is a very perfect backpack that can be used either for lightweight hunting of deer, or heavy duty day pack purposes.

It weighs about one once below 6 pounds and comes with an internal frame that is made of aluminium. It also has a total of eight pockets that easily allows you to carry rifle, triple, a bow and many other things you may wish to carry with you.

This hunting pack prevents you from being fatigue, because it comes with a compression system made from molded foam. This works in such a way that the weight is brought to where the body can best handle it. This is very convenient, especially when you are on very long hunts.


It is made by the Badlands company brand, and is fitted with a KXO-32 durable fabric that makes it very strong and efficient. The brand is also very trusted because of the high quality products they make.

The Good

This pack comes a design that is bat-wing, that allows you carry more than the size can allow you to carry. The meat shelf is also coloured differently, hence another hunter cannot confuse the deer meat you are carrying for a deer that is living.

The Badlands 2200 is highly recommended for day hunts, since you can conveniently carry deer meat from the woods.

It also has a five star rating on Amazon, which makes it quite trustworthy.


  • Weighs 6lbs. 8oz.
  • Has a bow carrier, hydration pockets and a rifle scabbard as accessories
  • Has 8 pockets
  • Has a capacity of 3100 cubic inches
  • Internal frame
  • Is made up of a NT7 fabric that is water resistant


Question: Is there a possibility of getting a meal dear pack that is corded is this particular brand?
Answer: Yes, you can actually decide to have the deer deboned out, while you are out in the field. You can have it all out if you want to carry the weight.

Question: Is it water proof?

Answer: Well, the material used to make this hunting pack is waterproof, but its zippers are not. Also, all the seams are not well taped. For this reason, it is technically not waterproof. You can however buy a rain cover from Badlands, that can be used to keep it dry while it is raining.

Question: Is is possible to use this pack for overnight hunting purposes as well?
Answer: This is more of a day pack. This is mostly because it has a small volume, hence cant be extended for outings involving backcountry.


  • Has a strong KXO-32 fabric that is waterproof
  • Has a compression system made from ThermoMold
  • Good warranty terms


  • May not be ideal for smaller hunters

2) ALPS Outdoor Commander Hunting Pack


The ALPS Outdoor Commander Pack is a perfectly framed hunting pack for external purposes, which comes with a bottom shelf and a pack that is removable. It also has a holder for rifles and a place where you can conveniently use a clip to attach a pistol holster.

It is well able to hold up to 5250 cubic inches of gear in the available pockets. One of the pockets is designed for spotting purposes, whereas another pocket can be used as a storage for hydration bladder.

This hunting pack which has a four and a half star rating on amazon has enough room that will enable you to take with you all the camping gear you need to the camping site. Once you have gotten the deer, you can easily have the bag removed, to allow you lash out meat to the frame.

It weighs a total of 7 pounds, 5 ounces when with the bag, and 5 pounds, 2 ounces; without the bag.


Manufactured by the ALPS OutdoorZ brand.

Whats good about the product

It is made using Ripstop nylon fabric that is very durable and long lasting. It can therefore withstand very harsh conditions.


  • Has an external frame
  • Weighs 7lbs. 5 oz.
  • Has six pockets in total
  • Made using ripstop nylon material
  • Has a capacity of 5259 cubic inches
  • Has a hydration port, rifle holder, tray and pistol holster as accessories


Question: Can the rifle holder of this hunting pack hold a mosin 91/30?

Answer: Yes, it definitely would. The pockets on the sides, in which the rifle slides in, are well able to hold the rifle very tight against the pack’s side.

Question: Is this hunter pack waterproof?
Answer: Not really. But you could look out for some other options of bags that are ideal for environments that are wet.

Question: Can this pack comfortably accommodate a mat and a sleeping bag?
Answer: It depends on the exact type of sleeping bag that you want to use. This pack is however spacious enough, and can thus accommodate quite a number of stuff.


  • Has a big capacity hence is convenient
  • Quite cheap
  • Allows you to remove the pack part for purposes of hauling meat


  • It is not suitable for stalking game
  • Fabric is not water resistant
  • The nylon rip is quite noisy

3) The Timber Killshot Hawk Hunting Backpack


This Timber Killshot hawk backpack comes with a backing made of PVC that helps to keep the bag sufficiently rigid even without weight. It also has several rifle holders in which you can place your gun.

When in need of maximum comfort, you can simply decide to strap the scabbard of the riffle. It is also very ideal for carrying bows when you are going out hunting.

It can comfortably carry up to 3429 cubic inches of gear in its very many pockets. It has specific pockets for radios, binoculars are GPS. There is also a hydration pocket that is installed with a reservoir of 2 liters of water.


This hunting pack is manufactured by the Timber Hawk brand.

Whats good about the item

This backpack is very convenient, seeing as it has several pockets thus making it very convenient for backcountry hunters.


  • Has a capacity of 3429 cubic inches
  • Has a PVC frame backing
  • Weighs 7.6 lbs
  • Made of tricot polyester material
  • Has very many pockets


Question: Does this hunting pack come with a water bladder?
Answer: Yes, it comes with a 2 liter water bladder.

Question: How big is this pack?
Answer: It is 3324 cubic inches.

Question: Does the pack have a place to hold a bow?
Answer: Yes, it has a place to hold and carry a rifle and bow. It can even hold a x-bow.


  • Greatly customizable
  • Has several pockets and locations for storage


  • Quite heavy, especially for its size
  • Does not have both internal and external frames

4) ALPS Outdoorz Dark Timber Backpack


The ALPS Outdoorz Dark Timber backpack comes with gear measuring 2285 cubic inches. It has up to 6 pockets and is capable of holding any additional gear using lashing straps.

It has a hydration pockets that will keep you hydrated while hunting, and it is also installed with a mesh back that helps keep your back feeling cool.

This hunting pack does not however have any weapon holders for rifles and it is therefore not possible for you to haul meat using it.


This hunting pack is made by the ALPS OutdoorZ brand.

What is good about the item

It is efficiently loaded with some side pockets which have mesh, and as a shoulder straps and belt of the waist that is padded, for maximum comfort.


  • 6 pockets in total
  • Brushed fabric material
  • 2lbs. 1 oz. in weight
  • No frame
  • Hydration ports, lashing straps and some pockets as accessories


Question: Are there any sections in the smaller sections of the pockets of the pack.

Answer: No, there are not smaller sections in the pockets. You can use the water sections which is in the larger compartment if you need more space.

Question: Is this hunting pack waterproof?

Answer: Yes, it is waterproof, and therefore a big value for your money.

Question: Is this backpack able to haul gear and elk meat?

Answer: Not quite, for that I would highly recommend that you look for other backpack options available on Amazon.


  • Is quite affordable
  • Is super comfortable
  • Quite a lightweight


  • Is not resistant to different weather conditions
  • Is not very durable

5) Badlands Pursuit Backpack


The Badlands Pursuit hunting pack is a lightweight that is very ideal for a comfortable hunting experience. It is frame less, and has very good rigidity and suspension system. It allows for so much weight to be cut out because of the AirTrack suspension system.

It also has a foam that is air-filled, thus allowing air to get to your back while carrying the pack. This way, comfort is maintained.


This pack is made by the Badlands brand.

Whats good about the product

This pack is super light, and it will therefore help you penetrate through the thick woods while hunting, without much strain.


  • 1500 cubic inches capacity
  • No frame
  • AirTrack suspension accessory
  • 5 pockets


Question: Is the pack made up of material that is non-noisy?

Answer: Yes, the pack is made of very quiet materials. Even the zippers open very slowly.

Question: Is it possible to remove the waist strap?
Answer: The straps at the chest is removable. There are however no straps at the waist for this pack.

Question: Does it have smaller packets on the inside?

Answer: No, this backpack does not have any pockets on the inside, for storage of smaller materials.


  • Unlimited warranty
  • AirTrack suspension system ensures maximum comfort
  • Very light in weight


  • Very small in capacity

Criteria to Consider

Here’s what to keep an eye out for when looking at different packs to buy.


You must ensure that you get the right capacity for the specific purpose for which you want to use the hunting pack for.

There are activities that will need of you to have quite a big capacity of pack, while others do not requite a capacity so big.


Getting the right design is very keep. This is especially for comfort purposes. There are packs that come with no frame at all, while others come with either an internal or external frame.

Weapon Holders

It is very dangerous to go hunting in a terrain which is rugged, while carrying weapons, like a rifle in your hands. You may therefore consider getting a hunting backpack that comes with holders for rifles and other weapons.

Resistance to Weather

Most hunters often get quite caught up in the rain while out hunting. It is for this reason, important to get a pack that is resistant to water. If the material is not water resistant, you may consider buying a cover for the hunting backpack to avoid any inconveniences.


I hope this post on the best backcountry hunting packs gave you some helpful suggestions on what to look for. Any one of these options would be ideal for most people.

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