5 Best Backcountry Ski Boots

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When you hit the backcountry this ski season, you need to be well-equipped for your adventure. A big part of being properly equipped for the toughest slopes that the backcountry can offer is to have the right pair of ski boots. You could say that your ski boots are the most important component of your entire ski setup. With this in mind, it is important to you purchase the best ones available so that you can be ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Your ski boots are essential to your ability to control your skis so that they react in the way that you need them to. You must find boots that fit well and are durable enough to stand up to the rugged conditions that you will use them in. This guide is designed to help you in your goal of finding the right pair of ski boots for this winter season. These are the 5 best backcountry ski boots available on the market for 2021.

Best Backcountry Ski Boots

  1. Apex Antero XP Topo Edition – Big Mountain Ski Boots
  2. Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots
  3. Fischer Offtrack 3 BC XC Ski Boots
  4. HEAD Unisex-Adult Edge LYT 100 Ski Boots
  5. Nordica Sportmachine 130 Ski Boots


1) Apex Antero XP Topo Edition – Big Mountain Ski Boots

The Antero XP Topo Edition – Big Mountain Ski Boots are brought to the market by the team at Apex. These premium ski boots help to give you all of the power you are looking for when you hit the slopes. They are ideal for advanced and expert skiers and have a comfort level that is comparable to snowboard boots. This includes outstanding walkability.

Features and Specs

  • An external fame
  • Open chassis system
  • BOA lace system that includes 20 closure points
  • Composite rubber compound (Vibram IceTrek)
  • Flex rating 115/125/135
  • Thinsulate insulation
  • Nanolite carbon chassis


Q: What level of skier are these boots designed for?

A: These ski boots are a great choice for advanced and expert-level skiers.

Q: Is it easy to select the right size for these ski boots?

A: Apex is known for offering boots that are easy to size by utilizing your regular shoe size as a guide.

Q: Do these ski boots have good lateral stiffness?

A: These ski boots from Apex are noted for their outstanding lateral stiffness that is ideal for responsiveness and performance.


These ski boots are noted for combing outstanding comfort with the kinds of attributes that are required for a high performance on the backcountry slopes.


This is a premium product and the hefty price tag might turn many people off from making a purchase.

2) Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots

The Evo 70 Ski Boots from Rossignol are the next ones that we are featuring on our list of the 5 best backcountry ski boots for 2021. These ski boots have a sleek look that is appreciated by many consumers. Both the shell and the cuff of these ski boots are composed of polyolefin plastic. They include removable liners that are made from PU foam as well as insulating wool.

Features and Specs

  • 3 ratchet closures
  • Flex rating of 70
  • Last – 104
  • Available colors – Black/Red and Black/Yellow
  • Comfort-Fit Hook and Loop


Q: What type of closure system do these ski boots utilize?

A: They use a ratchet closure system that includes a hook and loop band.

Q: Are the soles in these ski boots replaceable?

A: The soles are replaceable.

Q: Are these boots good for a variety of types of terrain and weather conditions?

A: They are ideal for use in a wide variety of backcountry terrain types as well as a large variety of weather conditions.


The removable liners and replaceable soles are major advantages with these ski boots. The easy entry design is also something that is appreciated by those who have purchased them.


There is a limited number of sizes available for these ski boots and the price can vary a lot based on the size.

3) Fischer Offtrack 3 BC XC Ski Boots

The Offtrack 3 BC XC Ski Boots from Fischer are an ideal choice for long-distance touring. They are also perfect for supportive skiing. This product truly excels when used in demanding terrain and heavy snow conditions. They also have a strong external frame that allows for excellent control as well as great precision.

Features and Specs

  • Soft sole flex
  • Velcro strapping
  • Molded heel cap
  • Sport fit
  • Integrated gaiters
  • Comfort guard
  • Easy entry loops


Q: Are these ski boots NNN?

A: These ski boots are NNN BC.

Q: Do these ski boots lace up with pull and cinch or like a shoe?

A: They lace up like a shoe.

Q: Do these boots perform well in keeping out moisture and the elements?

A: They are outstanding at preventing moisture from getting in.


These ski boots are an ideal choice for intermediate-level skiers. They also come with a comfortable price tag.


These boots might not be ideal for those looking for use other than long-distance touring. They might not be the ideal choice for advanced and expert-level skiers.

4) HEAD Unisex-Adult Edge LYT 100 Ski Boots

These Unisex-Adult Edge LYT 100 Ski Boots from HEAD are another one of the top 5 best backcountry ski boots for 2021. They are notable for their lightweight design as well as their ease of entry. Their design is perfect for enhanced power transfer and strong reactivity. They allow for high performance with minimum fatigue and effort.

Features and Specs

  • 4 adjustable buckles
  • Perfect fit liner
  • Easy entry shell design
  • Single canting
  • Flex adjust for stiffer or softer flex
  • Low profile buckles
  • 40mm velcro strap


Q: What is the flex index for these ski boots?

A: The flex index is 100/90

Q: What are the color options for these ski boots?

A: The color option is Black/Red

Q: What sizes are available for these ski boots?

A: The sizes are 250 – 305


The easy entry shell design is a big advantage that these ski boots provide. They are also designed for a perfect fit that aids in precision, performance, and comfort.


Though not the most expensive boots on this list, these still come with a significant price tag.

5) Nordica Sportmachine 130 Ski Boots

These ski boots from the team at Nordica are the perfect choice for high-volume skiing. They have a roomy toe box that is favored by many ski enthusiasts. They are also notable for their excellent fit that aids in performance.

Features and Specs

  • Last width of 102 Flex index of 130
  • Cantology compatible
  • All-mountain category
  • Special sizes include XXL


Q: Are these ski boots recommended for seniors?

A: They are recommended for use by seniors.

Q: Are these ski boots good for a lot of terrain types?

A: They are excellent for all-mountain use.

Q: What is the boot width profile?

A: They have a wide boot width profile.


These ski boots offer outstanding performance regardless of the part of the slope that you are on. They also offer some great features such as the infrared shell molding system.


These boots are expensive enough that newer skiers might not be interested in pay the price tag.

What To Look For

When you are looking to purchase the best backcountry ski boots, there are some things that you should look for to help you in your process of selection. Comfort and proper support are two of the most important aspects related to the choice of ski boots. To find the right boots, you need to consider size and flex. The flex index can be a useful tool in selecting the right ski boots for this season. Beginners want to look for a flex between 60 to 90 for men and 60 to 70 for women. Advanced skiers will be looking for a flex index at around 110 for men as 90 for women.

Finding the right size of ski boots is also critical to your efforts to get the most out of your experience. Your foot length plays a large role in selecting the right size. It is also important to consider your ski socks. You want to choose ski boots that will fit well with your ski socks.

What To Avoid

There are also some key things that you must avoid if you want to find the right pair of backcountry ski boots for this upcoming season. One of the most common mistakes that people make when purchasing ski boots is by buy ones that are too big. When you buy ski boots that are too wide, too loose, or too big in other ways, you will not be able to properly control your skis.

You also need to ensure that you purchase ski boots that are appropriate for your current ability level on the backcountry slopes. You need to purchase boots with the right flex. Purchasing boots that are too stiff can be a problem for those that are inexperienced while fast, experienced individuals will need a stiffer boot.


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