5 Best Backcountry Snowboards [Updated 2022]

Looking for a new snowboard or replace your existing one? You’re in the right place, in this post, we go over the best backcountry snowboards to hit the mountains with.

Getting into a new decade is a fantastic event that needs to be celebrated with vigor. There has been a lot of anxiety and anticipation in the past year, and it would be best to find a way to enjoy backcountry snowboarding with ease. Several types of snowboards have erupted in the market over the past few years. If you haven’t used them, then it’s time to go for a hunt.

There are multiple options from every snowboard available in the market. Manufacturers are trying to make them as customized as possible to ensure every individual looking for a unique experience with their snowboard finds it.

You will find the top five picks here to purchase for an incredible snowboarding experience. The boards below emulate every character and feature you may be looking for, such as short boards, long brads, deep shallow tails, blunt tails, and many more boot characteristics.

Equally important, these snowboards cater to everyone, all depending on their skills. You can use them when you like hitting the street lines or crafting kickers in the backcountry. It does not matter what type of snowboarder you are. You can make your right pick here.

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Best Backcountry Snowboards

  1. Jones Mind Expander
  2. Ride Back Talk
  3. Slash Happy Place
  4. Nidecker Sensor +
  5. Gnu RCC3


1) Jones Mind Expander

Expand your mind on a fantastic snowboard like the Jones Mind Expander. Developed by the renowned surf shaper Chris Christenson, the board is an impressive piece of art to long for. It would be best to think outside the box on your next purchase of a snowboard to come home with something unique and outstanding.

Revolutionize your home mountain activities with this game-changer. It has a full rocker shape modeled from Christenson’s super soft surfboards that have been in use for a very long time. If you have ever used the surfboard from any of the Christenson collections, here is a way to ensure you have a dynamic experience.

Its design has an essential tip to the tail with a taper. You will enjoy an insane floating in any condition without considering the needs and toss buckets easily and curve to the bottom in no time.

You can get the snowboard to start the most fantastic snowboarding experience with its full-size change. With its wide underfoot, you get enough space to adjust yourself easily while moving along the tracks.

The board also has a medium-flex, and the V-core is slightly soft so that you can maneuver easily and be more flexible. The stiff tail offers you fantastic stability and pop to keep you upright even in the most extreme leans.

The board is also made with a fantastic eco-friendly tech that you can enjoy using, knowing that you are keeping the planet safe from destruction. Get the Jones Mind Expander snowboard if you need a new board this New Year.


  • It is very stable
  • It comes in various colors.
  • Very smooth surface for a useful gliding experience


  • It is relatively expensive.
  • It is made specifically for women.



Question: Is this item durable?

Yes, the snowboard is made with good material to last longer.

Question: Is it easy to use?

Like other Jone’s snowboards, you will enjoy surfing with this snowboard.

Question: What are the dimensions of the snowboard?

The snowboard is 58 x 12 x 3 inches.


2) Ride Back Talk (for the ladies)

Enjoy this aggressive freestyle snowboard for intense surfing, such as fierce ripping and hard-charging. The snowboard will keep you to your feet to get you strapped in always to complete your turns effectively. It is impressive that you don’t need to apply more force with this snowboard. Once you strap in, your riding will be marvelous.

The legendary manufacture of snowboard ride uses top sheet material to create this fantastic snowboard for you. It is a durable urethane, and once you purchase your snowboard, you will relish using it for a very long time. The ride also incorporates and fantastic design to your snowboards to ensure you only ride on quality.

The snowboard has a roll-in construction that reduces weight and increases overall strength for a fantastic riding experience. The asymmetric shaping is to improve the boards turning for you to make impressive moves whenever you want to initiate control and maneuver between objects.

It would be best to choose this snowboard if you are looking for a board that absorbs impacts and smoothens the interaction with the snow.


  • It is freestyle optimized.
  • Very stable
  • Provides aggressive response


  • It can be heavy with 12 pounds.


Question: For how long can I use this snowboard?

The snowboard is very durable. It will depend on the maintenance and the frequency of rides.

Question: How big is the snowboard?

The snowboard is 58 x 12 x 3 inches.

Question: Is the snowboard stable?

The snowboard is very stable for all riding situations.


3) Slash Happy Place

Gigi is here again with a new board to offer you a unique experience to get your snowboarding experience to the cloud. The Slash Happy Place is the board that hits the mark when you need to get a stable and smooth board to let you move with ease.

The snowboard is perfect for playful freestyle primed and ready to push your flight to the next level. It is a hybrid-camber that lets you get medium flex as you rave around objects in your favorite tracks. The shape of Gigi’s snowboard is of a true-twin. You can fail to relish the services of this snowboard.

It would be best to check the snowboard as soon as possible since it is trendy. It gets out of stock very quickly.


  • It has a wide width for comfort.
  • It is very durable
  • It is a trendy brand.


  • It comes with no batteries.
  • The board is not sufficient for everyone.


Question: Which gender uses this snowboard?

The snowboard is for the male gender.

Question: When was this model introduced?

The Slash brand was introduced in 2020.

Question: Is the model durable?

Yes, the snowboard is very durable and versatile.


4) Nidecker Sensor +

With this new model of snowboard, get a feeling of déjà vu. It emulates the other past design that you may have used before. It is the design to look for when you want to go with a more prominent look, move fast and hard.

The snowboard has a very high OG Sensor due to the latest technology used to make the most contemporary design from Nidecker. It is the most superior sensor snowboard with an inclusive spec charger. Achieve the highest speeds with the smooth surface of this board.

The new tech also has an additional lift on contact points to offer an impressive speed on your new snowboard. It is designed for the new generation of riders looking to do new flat tricks. Doing unique tricks is easy, and you only need a little thrust to take yours further into the tracks.


  • Has more pop with the added carbon fibers
  • Lightweight
  • Optimized for flat tricks


  • It has a similar design to the former sensor board.


Question: When was this new design launched?

The Nidecker Sensor was available on October 31, 2020.

Question: Is the snowboard effective to do tricks?

The snowboard is optimized for flat tricks. You can do any seamlessly.

Question: Does the snowboard come in varieties?

Yes, the snowboards are made with various wood types.

5) Gnu RCC3

Are you a die-hard fan of Gnu? Don’t miss this fantastic chance to enjoy a new ride with full-length cambers. It is an improvement of the Riders Choice, giving it an aggressive C3 camber profile. It is therefore tuned up to 11.

The new snowboard is an RCC3, which offers a high-performance freestyle board. It would be best to use this board if you are an expert. The speed it offers is of another level, and you will be gliding and flying in the air.

The design is also environment-friendly, and you will enjoy a fantastic refined poly top for a more impressive look and functionality. Look no further than the Gnu RCC3 when you want an all-mountain freestyle twin snowboard.


  • It is eco-friendly
  • The design is useful for mountain freestyles.
  • It is very durable


  • It comes with no batteries.
  • Its large size can discourage some buyers.


Question: What are the dimensions of this scoreboard?

It is 170.18 x 30.48 x 7.62 cm.

Question: What color is the brand?

The snowboard is black.

Question: Is the item environment-friendly?

Yes, the design is made of Paulownia wood with an eco-friendly poly top.

What to Look For

There’s a specific criteria to look for when exploring your options for snowboards. It would be best to have a specific procedure to get an impressive snowboard that will offer you a fantastic riding experience. Here are some points to consider:


The effectiveness of a scoreboard depends on the creativity of the manufacture. Choose for true twin shapes that are symmetrical to ensure you get fantastic balance while in the air.


A profile is significant when you want to ensure you get enough balance from the air back to the snow.


There are different designs of snowboards made with varying types of materials. Choosing between each will improve your chances of getting great press and ride.

What To Look For

These are factors to consider when choosing a snowboard. Here’s the criteria.

Board type

When choosing a snowboard, you will need to ask yourself two important questions. One is what terrain you intend to use the board on and two how you want your board to feel when skiing.


The best way to know which board suits you is by standing next to it. If the board reaches your chin or nose, then that’s the best match for you.

Rider ability

This comes in handy when the price is a factor. Boards for advanced riders tend to be expensive compared with beginner boards


When choosing which snowboard to buy, you can choose from companies that make the best models that will give you service compared to cheap brands that are after money and no durability.


Flex is how the board feels at its axis. It can either be soft, mellow, or stiff. Choose a skiing board labeled medium-soft or just medium.

What to Avoid

Knowing what to avoid when deciding which board to buy is just as important as what to buy. Here’s a couple tips on what to avoid.

When deciding to buy skiing gears like snowboards, here are something you might find helpful.

  • You have to avoid buying snowboard based on the color available
  • Avoid what is on sale as you need a board. Look for options
  • Avoid board based on what you saw your model using
  • Do not forget to try on your snowboard.

Final Thoughts

Any one of these boards will be a good option and your money will be well spent.

I hope this buyers guide on the best backcountry snowboards helped you out. If you liked this post, you might also want to check out our guide on the best backcountry skis.