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Welcome to Backcountry World, the free backcountry resource site for all adventure enthusiasts.

My name is Bill, and I started Backcountry World in 2020 with one goal: create Backcountry guides that are useful and will help improve your adventures and trips.

Who Backcountry World is For?

Backcountry World started out as a resource site for the casual backpacker or snowboarder. We believe in providing more value to the more hardcore enthusiasts as well as the casual so we can compete with big companies with endless pockets.

We help answer some of the common important questions beginners have in mind, such as:

How do I get started if I want to go out in the backcountry?
What ______ do I need in the backcountry?
Which backcountry activity should I start out with _______?
How do I prepare for ______ in the backcountry?
What are the best tips and guidelines to follow in the backcountry?

If you’ve ever asked yourself those questions or if you have any other questions about Backcountry World, then Backcountry World is the place to be.

At Backcountry World, you will find:

Backcountry World Blog – This is where we publish our backcountry guides, how to’s, and other useful tips.
Backcountry Dictionary – The best place for beginners to start and familiarize themselves with the backcountry lingo.
Backcountry Deals – Exclusive discounts on backcountry products for our readers and subscribers.

Backcountry World content is 100% free, and we are always looking for finding more ways to be helpful.

Need Help With Something Else?

Backcountry World is growing fast, if we don’t have what you’re looking for yet, we will likely have an answer to your question.

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