7 Best Backcountry Camping in Adirondacks

Are you looking for the best backcountry camping in Adirondacks? You’re in the right place.

The Adirondacks Mountains and the Adirondacks Region are a vast wilderness covering about 5,000 square miles in north eastern New York. The Adirondacks is one of the most popular places for backcountry camping. Let’s go over some of the best places in the Adirondack region for backcountry activities.

1) Little Sand Point Campground

This campground is charming and rests on Piseco Lake off of the northern shore. With its rustic character and relatively quiet area, this is a sure bet for those who want to enjoy southern Adirondacks without all the hustle-and-bustle that comes with being there during peak season. There are 74 sites available at North Creek Camping Resort – many of which have their own private mini beaches as well as potable water in site. In addition, you’ll find several restrooms (including newly renovated ones), something I know my family loves because they can take care of business while still enjoying time spent outside doing what we love most: camping! A boat launch allows you to use canoes, kayaks, and motorboats. Along the north shore of this lake, there is a long road that lends itself well to cycling as well.

It’s open from mid-May until early September when you will see plenty more people out on their bikes or walking enjoying nature at its finest with your dog too – it’s all up to individual preference, though, depending on what time they want to go and how someone feels by then. For views over the water, look no further than Echo Cliffs, just ¾ mile away from where one has a 1/4 miles hike leading them even higher Don’t forget about taking breaks along the route if needed.

2) Meacham Lake Campground

Discover the serene beauty of Meacham Lake State Park Campground. A hidden gem with 224 campsites and all you need for your next getaway. Take in some fresh air on one of the many hiking trails or enjoy boating access to Black Creek, which flows through it! This shaded haven has so much more to offer, including swimming, beach, and fishing spots- what are you waiting for? Book now before they’re gone.

The campground is filled with all sorts of amenities that you would never expect. From fishing spots and hiking trails to playgrounds, this place has it going on! The staff members are more than happy to helpfully point out where things can be found when you’re not sure yourself, and their advice always works well for campers, too, because they’ve seen everything there before. So, no matter what type of vacationer or visitor you may think of yourself as being, there will likely still be something new in-store – probably even better than anything else at home.

3) Rogers Rock Campground

This resort is an excellent place for guests who enjoy the outdoors. Camping at a pleasant campsite only 6 miles from Fort Ticonderoga, this is a historic French and Indian War-era fort pre-dating the American Revolution? What are you waiting for to get your family out here! This is one of many reasons why we love our country. There’s nothing like experiencing history firsthand when there’s no school on cloudy Saturday afternoons or before long summer vacations start up again soon enough – as it should be every day.

This particular gentleman, Robert Rogers, fought during both wars. Still, I think his most notable accomplishment was establishing campsites such as this one so everyone could have access regardless if they were rich or poor.

4) Fish Creek Pond Campground

With 300 campsites and a location that provides easy access to some of the Adirondack High Peaks, this campground is one favorite among adventure seekers. The sites line both shores of Fish Creek Pond or Square Pond, which provide links for those looking to explore

Follensby Pond and an upper Saranac Lake via short portages around narrow channels at no extra charge if you don’t mind getting wet every now & then. There’s so much fun in store when there’s water around.

5) Paradox Lake Campground

There are 58 campgrounds with some of the best places to hike, fish, and paddle. Back on shore, there are many picnic tables with grills so you can enjoy your meal while watching the sun go down over Paradox Lake! Hang in the shade while listening to loons call on summer nights or watch children play games next door at Horseshoe Pond’s covered pavilion.

Located right by Dark Bay of Paradox Lake – one side offers boat launch available rentals; another provides easy access through the Crane Pathway Trail network, which extends up towards Putnam Pond via Oxshoe, Crab & Horsetail Ponds along the way to beaches for those who want some time off their feet.

6) Rollins Pond Campground

You’ll find bass, northern pike, and yellow perch in Rollins Pond. You can also get your hands on some tasty-looking trout with the right bait! Paddlers will love its many bays that offer up great places for birdwatching as well as exploration of classic Adirondack lakeshore scenery, which includes lots of gorgeous views just beyond those little boat motors roaring across open water at full throttle while being towed behind something much more significant than yourself (but not too large).

This secluded and quiet campground is accessible through Fish Creek Pond State Park; its 442 acres make it one big fishing hole or recreational paradise, depending on how you’re looking at it.

7) Putnam Pond Campground

When you think of Revolutionary War-era campsites, it’s hard not to imagine a general with his hat in one hand and sword in the other; that would be General Putnam for those wondering! But many other vital figures had their names given as well-landmarks that still stand today like this beautiful “Putts Pond” Campground named after him or some equally famous personage from history (or mythology).

Situated across Prospect Hill Village Green, there are 72 spots where families can go out into nature together while staying moderately comfortable: nine accessible sites offer views onto other islands. This classic Adirondack setting is one of three campsites nearby. Enjoy the spacious sites and peace that it provides while surrounded by these coniferous giants, which make up 46,000 acres in size.

I hope this guide on the best backcountry camping in Adirondacks helped you.